Original Audi Q7 air suspension compressor WABCO


Manufacturer: WABCO



Original Audi Q7 air suspension compressor WABCO (2005-2015) 


Made in:









Original OEM product key:

A2113200304, A2203200104, A2193200004, A2113200104, A211320030480


Made in: GERMANY

Code: K4001


Original OEM product key:

4L0698007A ; 4L0698007B

4L0698007C ; 7L0698835A

7L8616006A ; 7L8616006C

7L8616007A ; 7L8616007C

7L8616007E ; 7L8616007F

95535890104 ; 9553589103



The  offered  WABCO  compressor for  the  air suspension system is  used for  Audi  Q7  (2005-2015). It  is  manufactured according

to the OE equivalent and is of the same fabrication. The Aftermarket`s first choice.


User information

To ensure a safe  functionality of the product, a new  relay  and filter must be  used  immediately after the  new  compressor has  been installed.

Moreover, it is strongly recommended to check the entire air suspension system regarding its leak tightness. Through this step, one of the main

reasons of the products breakdown can be prevented.



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